First Blog Post of the Asia Podcast Network

Well, here we are! Asia Podcast Network has its official first blog post. I’m Mike Michelini, host at Global From Asia and co-host at China Business Cast, and love podcasting! We have been making friends with other podcasters in the scene, and since the summer of 2016 discussing the launch of this very network.

So some answers for your questions, as I am sure you have many.

What is the Asia Podcast Network?
We are an association, a group, of independent podcasters who think 1+1 = 3. We all have our own shows, own websites, own audiences, but feel if we join our forces together we can build up an even bigger community for all involved. By coming together, we hope to spread the awareness of our amazing podcasts in the Asia region, as well as recruit more podcasters to join, sponsors to support, and listeners to find us!

How Can Others Get Involved?
Just by finding this very post you are getting involved! Help spread the word about this network and the podcasts inside of it. Support independent creatives, specifically in the Asia region where the idea of podcasts is still fairly new (as of writing this post).

More specific ways:
* Join our private community – for a small fee (see our “99999 join page) you can get inside access to the podcast network, chat with your favorite podcasters, and support the efforts of these creators.
* Refer guests to shows – we would love to consider guests on the show, if you listen to one (or more) of these podcasts and feel you have a great guest for the podcast, please contact us and send the intro over.
* Sponsors – Of course, sponsoring this network via 1 or more of the podcasts is a direct way to ensure the podcasts continue to grow and thrive for years to come. We are passionate creators and having a good network of sponsors backing us will allow us to improve our craft even more.
* Podcast university – we help new and budding podcasters start their own. Work with one or more of our podcast hosts to get your show off the ground, from the technical to the creative part, we’re here for you!
* Having us create content for your business- making a regular stream of content is a big challenge! We are regulars at it, and can help you and your business for a fair service fee. Sound interesting, contact us to discuss today.

And more to come! We will learn what you want most as this network matures and grows. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you on the community!

Here’s our Facebook group!

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