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Event Coming Soon – Unleash Your Creativity

Are you a creative? Or are interested in becoming on? We have an upcoming event where we want to inspire you to grow your current creativity, or jump to the creative side of the brain.

We will host these events in various cities in Asia – where our podcast members are located – and are excited to have you involved as part of this one of a kind event series.

Summer 2017
Weekend Afternoons


* Guangzhou
* Shenzhen
* Hong Kong
* Shanghai
* Taiwan

More to be announced soon

What is the event about?
It is an afternoon series where we have guests sharing how they started their creative career, and inspire you to do the same. Topics and speaker vary by location, but it will be in the format of

* Showcase speakers – what their creative businesses are
* Funding your creativity – how do you actually make money by doing a creative business?
* Case Studies- we want to take people from the audience and have them work together to take action on the day of the event.

After the event, we will have a social networking where you can meet the speakers and the other attendees.

Keep cool, and be creative!

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  1. Please let me know when you have a conference.

    I am just starting a podcast entitled Sustainable Asia: A weekly series that delves into how environmental problems are being addressed here in Asia. Who are the change agents, what is the research and where are the best practices.

    The goal is to go in-depth on different topics rather than a weekly digest.

    1. Post

      Hi Marcy!
      Mike here – this is so cool to hear you are interested in the creative podcaster event! Where in Asia are you based? We would love to see how we can help you start and grow your new show!

      Wish you the best and looking forward to meeting you sometime soon

        1. Post

          cool you’re based in HK – I go there every couple weeks from over in Shenzhen – let’s connect – and I’m so happy you’re interested in these conferences – i see you have a domain now but still coming soon 🙂

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