Join the Asia Podcast Network

  1. Are you a podcaster who wants to benefit from being in this network?
  2. Do you want to start a podcast in the Asia region and want to be connected with a network of others in the community?
  3. Are you an avid podcast listener and want to support and engage with your favorite podcast hosts?


Then the Asia Podcast Network is perfect for you!

Free Membership For Podcasters

We want to let all creators in Asia to be part of the community. For no fee – we can list you on the show page – we want to have all amazing podcasters together here and support their growth. If you’re interested, please provide:

* Your show artwork – square, 500 x 500 pixels
* Title – your show title
* Show description –
* Link to show – iTunes or website URL, your choice
* Your profile photo – we’d like to see the people behind the show!

email it to and Mike Michelini will add it – but he’s a busy dude so give us some time 😉


##Join Our Premium Membership-  Support the Asia Podcast Network & Grow Your Network

Do you enjoy these podcasts? Want to contribute to the further success of this network? Consider joining our private community to get the inside scoop on what is happening in the network.

For just $30 USD a month, you can get access to:

* Monthly live calls with the podcasters and other members in the group

* Access to connect with the show creators, as an official supporter!

* Exclusive content on the “inside track” of what these creators are up to!

So what are you waiting for – let’s get you started now!

##Are You a Podcaster? Join Now!

The Asia Podcast Network is looking for more podcasts to join us!

Looking to work with other creative podcasters and help each other grow? We at the Asia Podcast Network believe in the abundance mindset, that the more podcasters there are, the more ways we can reach the mass media and change the world!

If you have an open mind, like to create, and want to get the extra support and exposure you deserve – joining us is where its at!

We need to approve your application first, and we look for established podcasts that have shown regular content and a growing audience. The criteria we will review is:

* The amount of shows you have already released
* The audience statistics and numbers
* The reach of the host and personal/business network
* The quality of the production.
##Need Help Growing Your Budding Podcast? We can help
Maybe your show is too new for you to consider applying to our network – but don’t think we don’t want to help you! We have various packages to help you get the tools you need to break through with your podcast to the next level.

* Work with one of our podcasters or production experts
* Ensure your podcast setup is ideal for long term growth
* Growth tactics and strategies to get to the next level.

Interested? For only $197 USD a month we can help work with you via email support and twice a month calls to get to the next level. Signup now!

##Want to Start A Podcast? We Can Help!

Are you looking to start a podcast? It can be an overwhelming process, and we would love to be there when you first get started. We offer a service to work closely with you on choosing the right tools, platforms, and methods to make your launch and ongoing production a simple and fun process.

Contact us today for a custom proposal on getting your very own show launched!